camille_moineau (camille_moineau) wrote in potc_canon_fic,

POTC Tartfic: Masks (Giselle/Jack, R)

Title: Masks
Rating: R, for implied situations and language
Character: Giselle
Pairing: Giselle/A sleeping Jack
Summary: Jack isn't the only one who can fool people. Post CotBP. (Not sequel compliant.)
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Cross-posted to: cotbp_fandom , potc_treasures and my LJ.
A/N: The actors mentioned are from the Restoration period. On the English stage, Kynaston was the last of the "boy actors" (males impersonating females) and Hughes and Barry were two of the first actresses. I think POTC is set around the late 1710s, which is why I didn't mention anyone like Charlotte Charke.

The room where Giselle is lying awake in bed is, for the most part, quite still.

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